Arts in Foggy Bottom Hosts Golden Doors to Freedom

On Saturday, July 29th, Arts in Foggy Bottom will offer a creative and meaningful opportunity for our community to express its support of and solidarity with victims and survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery. Join Foggy Bottom residents in converting a discarded wooden door into a Golden Door to Freedom by gilding and then writing, stenciling, drawing, scratching, burnishing, and embellishing the door with your own thoughts and feelings. No experience in the arts is necessary. Read more.

2018 Exhibition Co-Curators Selected

Arts in Foggy Bottom selects artist Helen Frederick and sculptor Peter Winant to co-curate the 2018 Outdoor Sculpture Biennial. Each has outstanding experiences as curator and artist as well as being highly acclaimed in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan art scene, national and international art worlds. The 2018 exhibition, Arts in Foggy Bottom’s sixth biennial, will be co-curated for the first time. Read more.

Permanent Works

Curves by Foon Sham Arts in Foggy Bottom is a biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition that has been held in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.C. since 2008. Though the actual exhibition period is only six months, the effect on the community is enduring. Anyone walking around the neighborhood now is treated to works that were first installed as part of one on the Arts in Foggy Bottom exhibitions and then remained in place for permanent display. Visit the Permanent Works page for a virtual tour of art that have remained past the end of their exhibition runs.