2016 Exhibition

Turf and Terrain is built from the stuff of Foggy Bottom. Looking to the area’s industrial roots, architectural heritage, and natural history, this exhibition unearths, uproots, and expands the landscape and legacy of Foggy Bottom with new life, new monuments, and new inhabitants with new stories to tell. –Danielle O’Steen, Turf and Terrain Curator.

Thirteen contemporary sculptures and public artworks were on view in the Foggy Bottom Historic District for the 2016 Arts in Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Biennial. The exhibition, presented by the award-winning Arts in Foggy Bottom, one of Washington’s leading public art programs, ran from Saturday, May 14 through Saturday, October 22.
Curator Danielle O’Steen selected local, regional and international artists whose works were installed on site in front of private homes throughout the Foggy Bottom neighborhood. The 2016 show, Turf and Terrain, was rooted in the sites and stories of Foggy Bottom, and took on an expanded notion of medium and sculpture. Artists engaged the legacy of historic Foggy Bottom ranging from the figural, the abstract, and even the fantastical; to interactive, performative, and new media works.

Turf and Terrain Exhibition Photos

Turf and Terrain, the 2016 Arts in Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Biennial, featured sculptures, new media installations and performances by 14 local, regional and international artists. Click the links below to learn more about each Turf and Terrain artist and the work they presented in the 2016 show.


2016 Exhibition Team

Curator Danielle O’Steen, Communications Manager Melissa Beattie, Graphic Designer Tom Drymon, Website Manager Tom Sullivan, Exhibition Photographer Kate Warren, and Exhibition Videograher Nancy Breslin.

Arts in Foggy Bottom Advisory Committee

Carolyn Alper, Robin Clarke, Chas Colburn, Jean Efron, Dale Johnson, Wendy Luke, Fanchon Silberstein, Anne Smith, Tracy Van Riper, Louise Wiener and Helen Zughaib.