Fog, a Performance by Eames Armstrong

On Friday, July 15, artist Eames Armstrong performed her Turf and Terrain work, Fog, one of Armstrong’s three scheduled performances that will take place along the exhibition’s path. Arts in Foggy Bottom: Fog, a performance by Eames Armstrong from Nancy Breslin on Vimeo. About Fog: Inspired by the history of Foggy Bottom, Eames Armstrong reclaims the written past. Using the neighborhood’s sidewalks as her canvas, the artist will write a collection of texts—her own and those by historic authors—on the brick paths using water and a paintbrush. By writing in water, a simple material yet essential for life, Armstrong inscribes a text that will quickly fade, offering a meditation on the often-futile process of capturing memory, history, and legacy. A durational performance that traces the path of Turf and Terrain, Fog will be performed on three occasions for three hours each time. Each performance will mark the passing of the day, centering on the sunset for the three seasons of the exhibition: Spring, Summer, and Fall.